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Sucking at soldering. Lessons learned

A few weeks ago, I wanted to mess around with the FadeCandy LED driver. Before I could program anything though, I had to solder some wires and headers to the board, LED panel, and power supply.

I haven't soldered in like three years so I was rusty and it took like twice as long as I expected. There were solder explosions and the solder itself wasn't sticking to the damn joints.

I think my main problem was that the tip wasn't getting heated, probably because it was getting oxidized

So here's what I learned:

Things I knew I should be doing but need constant reminding:

That said, I think the soldering tip that came with my iron is sucky and probably too small for most through-hole jobs and we'll probably order a new one. The one I'm looking at has flathead tip, and kinda looks like a screwdriver.

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