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My first Girls Who Code club meeting

This past Wednesday, we had our first Girls Who Code club meeting. Girls Who Code is a non-profit that helps organize clubs in schools and community centers that focus on exposing and teaching computer science to girls.

The class consisted of four girls ready to learn computer science. I was responsible for leading the overview of Processing.js. This lesson was very brief overview of drawing simple shapes in Processing.js. It was a live coding session where I coded a simple crescent moon.

I felt that I could've been more articulate and more focused. I definitely have a habit with public speaking where I kinda of jump around topics. I also worried that I was talking over peoples' heads (another tendency of mine when I'm talking about code) or that I was dumbing it down too much.

But the girls seemed engaged and didn't seem turned off by the prospect of coding, so that's good.

Here's an excerpt of my notes, in case you're interested:

the background() function call


coordinate space and line()


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